About us

Nippon Agency is a new agency that helps culture and business in Sweden and Japan to cooperate on commercial and non-profit cultural projects.

We provide services and contacts in the fields of literature, film, art, music, design, fashion and more. We also propose and lead projects, produce and cooperate in the production of festivals, fairs, exhibitions, seminars, et cetera in these areas.

The agency was founded in 2010 by Anette Masui, cultural journalist, author and Counsellor for Cultural Affairs at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo from 2005 to 2009.

Our clients include among others:

* Publishers and literary agents who wish to connect with their Swedish or Japanese counterpart, find a translator or get tips on interesting Swedish/ Japanese writers.

* Film festival organizers and film institutes who wish to organize a Swedish film festival in Japan or vice versa.

* Museums and galleries wanting help in putting together exhibitions of Swedish and Japanese contemporary art as well as engaging in international exchanges of artists and exhibitions with Japanese and Swedish museums and galleries.

* Media companies and institutions and other organizations wishing to order a brochure, article, book, market research or a lecture on Swedish or Japanese culture.