* SACRED WATERS – A guide to Japanese hot springs
Votum Publishers, 2014

A book that describes in words and photos Japan’s fascinating, millennia-old bathing culture and how it can enrich the life of everyone who samples it. By Anette Masui (text) and August Eriksson (photo). The book can be bought at selected book stores in Sweden and at You may also order it from us:


Japan Exhibition Tour, July 23 2018 – November 30 2019 (coordinator)
Exhibition tour about the life and works of Astrid Lindgren – famous Swedish author of Pippi Longstocking and other children’s books. In coooperation with TOEI Ltd i Tokyo (initiator and organizer), The Astrid Lindgren Company i Stockholm (co-organizer), National Library of Sweden, Ilon’s Wonderland in Haapsalu (Estonia) and Vejen Art Museum in Vejen (Denmark).

Bio Rio in Stockholm, February 10 – 18 2014
An Asian short film festival, in cooperation with SSFF & Asia in Tokyo, Objectifsfilms Singapore, Film Stockholm, Chimney Stockholm. With the support of the Japanese Embassy in Sweden and the financial support of Kulturbryggan, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm City Council.

* ANIMEVOLUTION! From anime to ga-nime
Kulturhuset in Stockholm, September 22 – October 9 2011
A Japanese anime festival showing the development of the Japanese animated film from 1929 to 2011. In cooperation with the Japanese Embassy in Sweden, TOEI Animation Paris, NTV (Nippon Television Network), Tezuka Productions Tokyo, Digital Meme Tokyo, Film Stockholm and Kulturhuset. With the financial support of Japan Foundation, Stockholm City Council and Stockholm County Council.


Our literary department is a team of agents, readers and translators in Sweden and Japan, working together to introduce the best Nordic children’s and young adult literature to the Japanese market. Our strength lies in our well-developed network of contacts, our knowledge of Scandinavian books versus Japanese publishers’ tastes and preferences, and our high level of service.

Even though based in Stockholm, Sweden, we also have extensive experience of working with Japanese publishers and a good understanding of the Japanese market for children’s and young adults literature.

* “Boku ni mo sono ai wo kudasai” (Could I also get some love, please?)
* “Ai shite kurete arigato” (Thank you for loving me!)
By Tatsuya Miyanishi (text and illustrations)
A Japanese children’s book series about a dinosaur that discovers what is most important in life. Translations from Japanese into English on behalf of Plus Licens AB.
* “Kuma no Gakko” (The Bears’ School)
* “Jakki no Jitensha Ryoko” (Jackie’s Bicycle Trip)
* “Jakki no Imoto” (Jackie’s Little Sisters)
* “Jakki no Otanjobi” (Jackie’s Birthday)
* “Jakki no Undokai” (Jackie’s Sports Day)
* “Jakki no Tomato Zukuri” (Jackie’s Tomatoes)
* “Jakki no Takaramono” (Jackie’s Treasure)
* “Jakki no Panyasan” (Jackie’s Bakery)
* ”Odekake Jakki” (Jackie goes for an outing)
* ”Iroiro Jakki” (Jackie of many colors)
* ”Manmaru Jakki” (Round-faced Jackie)
* ”Ohayo Jakki” (Good morning Jackie)
By Hiroyuki Aihara (text) and Nami Adachi (illustrations)
Appreciated Japanese children’s book series that has sold 1.5 million copies and is now ready to conquer the European market. Translations from Japanese into English on behalf of Plus Licens AB.


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